Lisa Reaume is a passionate, strong and focused leader.  Her mission is to globally impact and empower others to “Be their Own Champion” ~ igniting deep joy, peace, and prosperity in their day to day life.


Lisa is a Certified Master Coach | Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis since 2017.  Lisa has learned that being curious about emotional intelligence is key to loving oneself and nurturing vital organic relationships in business and life.

Lisa is also a Certified Facilitator, Get Clients Now! ® marketing strategies and tactical planning into action.

Lisa is an avid reader and learner, especially of programs provided by Tony Robbins, John Maxwell and Darren Hardy.



Being a life-time learner, she had been a business and marketing coach since 2011.


Highlights for Lisa’s Career Pathway

  • 2005 Marketing Consultant
  • 2009 founded Reaume Marketing Network, a virtual marketing agency with five team members
  • 2014 Transformed the marketing agency into Biz Energizers, a small business coaching company
  • 2017 incorporated professional and personal Leadership Mastery into Biz Energizers coaching programs for business owners and their teams

MOBILE: 519 993 7152
LINKEDIN: dianenelsoncoach