We are here to support you on your leadership ascent!  Although there are many paths to accomplish leadership mastery, team leadership effectiveness or your small business growth, we have found that many people select a similar pathway.  As such, we have designed programs to include the most valuable content for success and growth.  You can choose from a library of learning content or select a ready-built program from the list below.

6 – Week Resilience Fitness Program Overview

Complete a saboteur assessment which will give you clarity about how your brain speaks to you and your characteristic thought habits. Every week you receive a one-hour video in which you are guided step-by-step to boost the three core muscles of mental fitness. Tuesday-Friday you receive three audio recordings (approximately three minutes each) to set your mind with clarity and reinforce a different aspect of training, moving you from a negative mindset (saboteur) to a positive mindset (sage). Every day you are encouraged to go to the “gym” in the app on your phone (you will receive an app…Learn More

12 – Week Resilience Fitness Program Overview

The Resilience Fitness Grow Program is an extension of the 6-week Resilience Program. Participants continue with access to all the content and is introduced to many more concepts for daily practice. New content, such as conflict and stress management are added to the modules in the app. Participants have an ability to tailor the practice to their selected saboteurs, allowing them to design and adjust the focus and content as they progress. Learners explore at a deeper level how the nine saboteurs (that first appear as strengths) become saboteurs, causing all our stress. The added content and practice sessions expand…Learn More

12 – Month Mastermind for Resilience Fitness Mastery

If we stop exercising we can expect to experience an increase in blood pressure and a decrease in cardiovascular fitness within as little as 14-days and muscle shrinkage after four weeks.  As with physical exercise, when we stop practicing mental fitness the neuropathways begin to wither and we return to patterns of old. To maintain resilience fitness and advance to mastery, continued daily practice is required. Most people who gain mastery do so with an accountability support team.  A friend, family members, work colleagues who have completed the Resilience Fitness 6-week program qualify as effective support and accountability partners. The…Learn More

Mindset & Skillset Retooling Program for Leaders (group facilitation)

The Mindset & Skillset Retooling Program is designed from new and emerging leaders and is completely customized for those who have been in leadership roles for a while. As an emerging or developing leader, you have a lot to handle for your staff and to accomplish for the company.  Leading people to do the work is a set of skills that you develop and hone throughout your career.  The more you develop these skills the more confident you become and the more you can support your staff while producing for the company.  The best way to learn is to learn…Learn More

Mindset & Skillset Retooling Program for Teams (group facilitation)

The Mindset & Skillset Retooling Program is designed to enhance team member communication and team productivity so that everyone works together creating and implementing novel solutions to challenges on a consistent basis. As team members become aware of how their saboteurs influence their energy in meetings, they begin to recognize how negative energy impacts everyone else on the team and their progress together.  Raising positive energy raises creativity and enthusiasm to contribute and experiment.  In group sessions, team members learn how to exchange ideas, give feedback and hold each other accountable to their abilities. For Teams Team Assessments to raise…Learn More

Mindset & Skillset for Growing a Small Business Program

The Mindset & Skillset for Growing a Small Business Program guides business owner partners to reflect on their aspirations for the business ensuring that it serves the principles life goals. With a clear vivid vision for the business, strategic goals, targets and plans are developed to guide the next phase of growth.  Our team of business coaches meet weekly (as needed) with the business partners to support progress throughout the phases of expansion providing links to specialized resources appropriate to the objectives.Learn More