• Complete a saboteur assessment which will give you clarity about how your brain speaks to you and your characteristic thought habits.


  • Every week you receive a one-hour video in which you are guided step-by-step to boost the three core muscles of mental fitness.
  • Tuesday-Friday you receive three audio recordings (approximately three minutes each) to set your mind with clarity and reinforce a different aspect of training, moving you from a negative mindset (saboteur) to a positive mindset (sage).
  • Every day you are encouraged to go to the “gym” in the app on your phone (you will receive an app to download) and participate in a variety of brain exercises. The resiliency exercises, called PQ reps, vary from two to 12 minutes. The app tracks your progression. To develop new thinking habits, you are encouraged to practice a minimum of 15 minutes daily for six weeks.
  • Your practice and learning are supported by a small group of individuals on the same journey, which you connect with weekly and is facilitated by a coach.
  • Two one-to-one coaching sessions support you on a deeper level to understand and minimize your unique saboteur voice that interferes with your ability to succeed, thrive, and maintain peace.
  • On-line access to eight chapters of Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamin
  • If you would like more information to assess if this program is right for you, book a time with me  Here  or if you know this is what you have been looking for email diane.nelson@thenelsonteam.com to arrange a start date!