The Mindset & Skillset Retooling Program is designed from new and emerging leaders and is completely customized for those who have been in leadership roles for a while. As an emerging or developing leader, you have a lot to handle for your staff and to accomplish for the company.  Leading people to do the work is a set of skills that you develop and hone throughout your career.  The more you develop these skills the more confident you become and the more you can support your staff while producing for the company.  The best way to learn is to learn with other people.   In this program you join with other Leaders to test out and practice the concepts you gain from the content and exercises.

For Leaders
Self – Assessments to raise awareness of workstyle, communication habits, strengths, and areas for development
Resilience Fitness Training includes:

·       Weekly instructional videos & reading

·       Guided daily practice with phone app.

·       1-2-1 Coaching sessions

·       Group coaching sessions

Skillset Development includes:

·       Self-leadership DNA …get clear on what matters most

·       Motivation & Work-style differences … replace entitlement with engagement

·       Communication Part 1 … words and so much more

·       Communication Part 2 … be worthy of trust

·       Leader as Coach … more asking less telling

·       Productivity … ease and flow gets more done than pushing hard

·       Stress, emotional fatigue & anxiety … we all feel it

·       Managing Up … take the high road with senior leaders and colleagues

·       Improving Performance …most people want to do more and do it better

·       Leading Remote & Hybrid Teams … business as new and fun

·       Meetings & Emails …effective & efficient

·       Conflict & difficult conversations … get to the heart of the matter

Alternative Topics:

·       Establishing culture & leading change

·       Strategic planning

·       Team Leadership

·       Delivering & receiving feedback

·       Diverse and inclusive work cultures


Timeframe: 18-30 weeks (weekly or bi-weekly scheduling)
Pricing Range:  Variable dependent upon size of team & location of participants

If you would like more information to assess if this program is right for you Leaders, book a time with me Here  or if you know this is what you have been looking for email to arrange a start date!