I had the pleasure of being a part of her Mental Fitness Program that has been truly life changing for me. It has taught me how to stay on track in a positive frame of mind and to skillfully (yes skillfully) keep the thoughts of doubt and sabotage at bay. I took the program because I was curious (not thinking I had an issue with negative thoughts) and was quite shocked to realize how many times a day negative thoughts or judgement came to mind!! The program lessons help you to recognize them and deal with them immediately with mini-practices that you can do even while you work that turn those thoughts around. But enough about the program…without Diane’s guidance, coaching experience and peaceful approach to our weekly check in meetings I don’t think I would have followed through just because well, life gets in the way. I’m truly going to miss our little “pod” and our Monday morning accountability and sharing meetings. In times like these with COVID coming in for another round it is hard not to worry and stress and feel defeated in even the little things in our lives and especially our business. If you’re struggling (and even if you’re not) this program is not one to be missed. I highly recommend Diane and her Mental Fitness Program.